Employee Benefits

The management team at Siliconweb Inc. strives hard to offer full advantage to its employees in compensation as well as career growth. It strongly believes in keeping the employee ahead of the company interests thereby establishing a long-term relationship with its employees. Keeping this in mind it developed a compensation scheme to reward the employees based on their education, experience, self-motivation and contribution to the company. The resulting compensation scheme is not only competitive but also exceeds US government standards and accommodates reward for continuous growth of employee capabilities. The following list gives an idea about our compensation program:-

  • Competitive salaries
  • Medical and Dental benefits
  • Annual 2-weeks vacation
  • Educational advancement
  • Career promoting project assignments
  • Leadership roles in off-shore and in-house projects
  • Growth opportunities to Lead roles and Managerial positions
  • Fully paid H-1 visa and Green Card processing
  • Employee referral bonus
  • Contract referral bonus