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3. SOFTWARE OPENINGS (J2EE, Oracle, Networking, Device Driver)


Chip design / Verification:

2+ years of experience in Design Verification, back-end design and timing analysis, Test benches and code development. Experience in verilog is highly desirable. (Multiple Positions)

3+ years experience in Standard Cell ASIC, Verilog and Synopsys.

 IEEE1394 ASIC Designer:

SENIOR ASIC DESIGNER with specific IEEE1394 skills for IP company.

FPGA Designer:

2+ years experience FPGA design (Verilog/Synopsis) for network applications. Fast-paced start-up opportunity.

EDA Software Developers:

C++ programmers to develop front-end, and back-end EDA tools. 2+ yrs direct EDA industry experience required.


Embedded Software Engineer:

2+ years of experience in embedded software  development, first-hand experience with pSOS/VxWorks/Unix/Solaris and RISC processors, knowledge of ATM, SONET/SDH, Ethernet and high-speed serial devices, network device drivers.

Network Hardware Designer:

LAN/WAN Router - board level designer with Intel i960 or POWERPC 860 - C/C++, ORCAD, Lab/debugging skills required - 2+ yrs experience - Exciting, fast-paced start-up opportunity.

Communications Engineer:

Telecommunications/Data Communications Engineers with background in ATM/FRAME RELAY/ETHERNET, etc - 2+ yrs experience.


Software Developer:

Prior experience with wireless data modems and other wireless and telecommunications products, C/C++ programming, Windows CE

Oracle Applications:

Openings for strong all Oracle Functional Applications candidates 2+ yrs exp.

Device Drivers:

Openings for NT/UNIX/ MAC-OS device driver gurus.

Network Developers:

Openings for Network Engineers - TCPIP/SNMP/CMIP/TNM, multi-stack protocol development, - 2+ yrs exp.

E-Commerce Specialists:

Requires 1-2 yrs specialization in Internet and Intranet applications; thorough knowledge in Java environment; client server applications; C, C++, VC++ must.

JAVA Developers:

Requires Java developer with SQL/ORACLE for Internet Shopping Mall project. 2+ years experience required. Start-up company.