Project Experience

Here are some of the projects executed by our Engineers

  • Bluetooth Baseband : Design of Smart RS232 host controller unit for Bluetooth Baseband unit-ASIC & FPGA implementation.
  • Bluetooth Radio : Design & Verification of SPI, GPIO, Memory interface in Baseband ASIC(integration of ARC core, baseband controller, peripheral interfaces).
  • 10GB Network Processor : Verification of Packet output system module which includes Schedule engine, DeQueue control, Queue manager, Output adapter and system level verification of a 15 million gate Network processor.
  • Optical transmission equipment : FPGA implementation of Optical Transmission System for PDH hierarchy with NMS for E1/E2/E3 transmission on optical fiber.
  • Broadband Wireless MAC : Design and verification of system interfaces including PCI, MIPS, SDRAM controller, MAC & other features of a broadband wireless MAC. Designs was ported to Xilinx-Vertex FPGA and subsequently targeted to ASIC.
  • Digital loop carrier : DLC was developed on fiber optic cable as per CCITT standard with a capacity of 480 subscribers. A contra directional processor chip was developed using Xilinx FPGA.
  • Concentrator for DMARR : A concentrator was developed to compress 16 E1 streams into 8 E1 streams in blocking mode.
  • Micro-controller IP design : SOC processor cores were designed with various IP cores. The processor and all peripherals such as SPI, UART, Interrupt controller, PWM, timers etc. were designed and integrated on to SOC.
  • FFT core design : This unit takes FFT for the incoming data stream on the fly for DSP applications.
  • PCI controller & master / slave core design
  • AGP Verification, monitor development, transactor development