A Brief Summary of Projects

Hewlett Packard Inc. (Unix based systems)

  • Development of high level optimizer for C, C++, compilers for HP 9000/898, HP 9000/800.
  • Bug fixing in High level optimizer for C, C++, and Fortran90 compilers.
  • Nullstone Analysis for the PA and IA compilers for HP-UXIX.

Fujitsu America, Inc. (VLSI Frontend design)

  • Evaluation of simulation tools
  • Deigns/verification of RTL code for a 32-bit microprocessor design

Sentica, Inc. (Communication Software)

  • Wireless Exchange Platform (WXP) for mobile commerce on Unix and Windows NT using Java, JDBC, Servlets (JSDK 2.0), JSSE (SSL), Oracle backend and middleware.
  • WXP application and device independent middleware to provide a full range of end-to-end services
  • Product support SSL with client/server side validations.

Lucent Technologies, Inc. (VLSI Backend design)

  • Floor planing and layout of backend designs for a 16-bit processor

Prospero Inc. (Internet)

  • Development of JForum for client WebPages for creating the different forums and discussions using JAVA, JDK1.2.2, JSP 1.0, Java Script, HTML, Oracle 8, JDBC drivers, Java Web server 2.0,WebLogic 5.1.0, iPlanet Web Server Enterprise.

Ecritec Inc. (Communication software)

  • Software for hand held devices on Windows CE ETK f or VC++.
  • Protocol mechanism for system integration between digitizer and hand held devices.
  • Instant Messaging System (EIMS) and Instant Messenger (SMS) for on Windows CE platform.

Di-Carta Inc. (Application software)

  • Development Contract Cycle Management.
  • Procedure development, debugging,schema changes, schema upgrade, scripts developments.

IKOS Systems Inc. (VLSI tools)

  • Development of new memory interface feature on MPCI card.
  • Bug fixing and upgradation of SFS co-modeling.
  • Simulation infra-structure for pegasus3 new emulator hardware platform.
  • New hardware architecture for the next generation VLE emulator using vsyn compiler, Verilog-XL and RTLC (IKOS RTL compiler).

Telencomm Inc. (Communications)

  • Development of wireless digital communications sub-system.
  • Baseband digital signal shaping, demodulation, and receiver, RTL design and verification of data path and control modules.

IPolicy, Inc. (Embedded/Realtime O/S)

  • Developed Network Policy Management System for ASP’s and ISP’s on Nucleus RTOS.

Brience, Inc. (Communication Software)

  • Development of Wireless Access Protocol (WAP) router, bandwidth and device format management software on Windows Nt and Unix using C, C++ etc.

Symmetricom, Inc. (Embedded /Realtime O/S)

  • Development of next generation Network Synchronization System.
  • Firmware architecture & development of modules for 32 bit Processor MC68360 for managing 10 output 8 bit cards on pSOS+ for Motorola 68K.